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Freestyle Man
"The Bottom Line"

Consistent quality and Klas Henrik Lindblad (AKA Sasse / Freestyle Man) are two phrases that belong firmly together.

Following on from two extremely well received EPs we are pleased here at Hairy Claw to present the Freestyle Man album 'The Bottom Line'. Its the first full length Freestyle Man album since “Going South” on Sähkö/PUU in 2000
The Bottom Line was recorded in Autumn 2009 in his BlackHead Studios in Berlin with a carefully chosen limited setup of vintage samplers, old school vinyl and his harem of analog synths, the result being somewhat updated version of the early Freestyle Man sound mixed with influences from the past, present and the future.
So, onto the music... Tracks such as 'Century' & 'Old Fashioned Love' full of forward thinking & hypnotic groove and feature a clever use of spun-in samples (all in a tasteful way of course). Things take a house slant with the no nonsense Detroit inspired grooves of 'Vibin', 'House You' & 'Body'.
'Boogaloo' and 'Seriously' showcase the jazzier side of our main protagonist, by mixing in some jazzy stabs to the house sensibilities. This being an album excursion we of course need some respites in the high-paced activity; tracks like 'Gigi Groove' and 'Janne' slow the tempo down.
Our favourite Scandinavian Berlin-transplanted House-meister has well and truly delivered. Its our first venture into album territory so all-killa-and-no-filla policy was well and truly in force. We hope you like the results as much as we do.

Written, Produced and Mixed by Klas-Henrik Lindblad at BlackHead Studios, Berlin 2009.
Freestyle Man appears courtesy of Moodmusic Records.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2010 Hairy Claw

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